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    Outstanding Naturally Healthy Water & The Most Healthy Water Coolers Bury & Ramsbottom Businesses Can Hire           

    It’s reasonable to say that a large number of men and women perhaps take water as well as water coolers Bury and Ramsbottom for granted, probably due to the fact that water is easily obtainable. On the other hand, to everyone at Waterboy, drinking water is treasured. You see we believe that drinking water really should be regarded with huge respect simply because it’s so vital to our health and well being.

    Analysts have proven that the minerals in spring mineral water are actually a lot more easily assimilated by our body compared to the way the very same nutrients are assimilated from food. 100% natural spring drinking water is so essential for our bodies simply because it contains necessary minerals our body systems need and provides the refreshing fluids required for excellent hydration! Scientists likewise emphasise the significance of spring mineral water in helping prevent nutritionary deficits as well as its vital purpose to break our bodily waste products down so as to make sure that our immune systems are actually the most efficient they may possibly be by dealing with toxic substances from our body systems.

    That’s exactly why Waterboy Ltd treat the spring drinking water people drink with the utmost attention and care to it as well as the business water coolers which it is dispensed from.

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    Unmatched Spring Drinking Water And Hygiene Standards In Bury & Ramsbottom Workplace Water Cooler Rental & Hire               

    Did you know that it is the demanding hygiene and quality standards that Waterboy Ltd stick to, which makes certain that its water is meticulously scrutinised well before distribution and client’s consumption.

    Waterboy’s mineral water is fully accredited. After three-way filtering at its point of origin, it is subjected to an added three-way filtering process in its processing to deliver a final water of 0.2 “microns absolute” in order to ensure the best water quality as well as integrity. Every single process batch is sampled and after that evaluated for microbial contamination in the Waterboy lab and also separately by Public Health UK who publish a file which covers each batch of water we produce.       

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    An Unsanitary Workplace Water Cooler Can Be A Health And Wellbeing Hazard!   

    Moreover, have you witnessed an office water cooler being serviced at work? In the event that you have, it’s quite likely that all the cooler gets is a quick-fix spray with an anti-bacterial solution and a speedy wipe over around outside of a cooler covering drip trays and water taps. And all of this taking at the very most no more than 10 mins to execute.

    Did anyone even question the cleanliness of the interior components of bottled water coolers which come into contact with mineral drinking water once it has left the dispenser and enters into your tumbler.

    Here at Waterboy Limited, we provide all our patrons with an exchange office water cooler at 3 monthly intervals! Whenever a returning cooler comes back to our company, it receives an exhaustive recondition. The cooler is taken completely apart and its inside individual component have a pre-cleaning process and visual investigation shortly after which faulty components are replaced. Hereafter, Waterboy subject each and every water cooler to a unrivaled cleaning and sanitisation process using specially crafted methods, devices and scrupulously meticulous examinations.

    And then soon after a further 3 months have gone by, Waterboy religiously exchange a customer’s cooler once again with a fully renovated one hundred percent hygienic, service proven, dependable replacement.

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    The Economical & Healthy Water Coolers Bury & Ramsbottom Customers Deserve!            

    Waterboy has been delivering superb spring and outstanding water coolers Bury and Ramsbottom clients deserve for many years!

    Don’t you as well as your company’s staff deserve the most nourishing, nutritious spring drinking water from the most hygienic coolers in the British Isles?

    In case that you’re seeking a good leasing agreement on the workplace water coolers Bury and Ramsbottom patrons have come to value, please take a look at this website and you’ll soon see just why it’s well worth generating an enquiry and placing your cooler order with us!

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