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    When It Comes To Oldham & Rochdale Organisations, It’s All About Healthy Water, Not Just The Office Water Coolers!                   

    Clean water is so readily abundant in our daily lives, it is very easy to see why some folks perhaps take it as a given. But to Waterboy, water is a very precious issue. Moreover given that Oldham and Rochdale residents drink drinking water for their well being and health, Waterboy strongly believe it should be handled with the maximum appreciation it ought to have.

    Analysts have already proven that the minerals in spring water are actually more easily absorbed by our bodily systems compared with the process by which the very same nutrients are absorbed from meals. 100% natural spring water is therefore beneficial for our physical bodies simply because it provides important minerals our body systems require and gives the refreshing fluids needed for really good hydration. Scientists likewise emphasise the significance of spring mineral water in helping prevent nutritional deficiencies as well as its all-important purpose to reduce bodily waste products down to ensure that our body immune systems are the most efficient they can possibly be by doing away with toxicants coming from our bodies!

    That’s why Waterboy handle the spring water people drink with the greatest care to it and also the office water coolers which dispense it.

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    Unmatchable Mineral Water And Hygiene Methods In Office Water Cooler Rental & Hire For Oldham & Rochdale       

    The exacting effective hygiene and quality standards that Waterboy keep, which ensures that its water is extensively scrutinised right before delivery and customer’s consumption.

    Waterboy’s natural spring water comes with comprehensive accreditation. It undergoes two three-way filtering systems. Once at the source and then another in house threefold filtering system process which produces the highest finished water quality to 0.2 microns-absolute 0.2 “microns-absolute”. Every batch of water is then tested in our lab for microbial contamination and separately by Public Health England who after that publish reports covering every batch we supply to Waterboy buyers.

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    Unsanitary Workplace Water Coolers Can Be A Wellbeing And Health Hazard   

    Have you ever witnessed an individual cleaning a water dispenser with cooler inside your office? If you have, it is fairly likely that the water cooler gets a cursory anti-bacterial spray and sponge down around the exterior components of a cooler such as water taps and also splash receptacles, involving ten mins at the most to complete!

    Has anyone ever considered just how clean the interior elements of the water cooler are in your place of work? These components dispense the spring water from the water cooler to your glass or mug!

    Here at Waterboy Limited, we give all of our patrons with an exchange business water cooler at 3 monthly intervals! Whenever a returning cooler gets back to our building, it gets a thorough recondition. The cooler is dissembled and its inside individual parts have a “pre-cleaning” process and also optical investigation right after which unsound components are switched. Hereafter, Waterboy Limited subject every single water cooler to a unequalled cleaning and sanitisation procedure using specifically crafted methods, devices and scrupulously extensive examinations.

    Then after a further 3 months has passed, Waterboy religiously exchange a customer’s cooler once more with a fully renovated one hundred percent sterile, properly functioning, trusted substitute.

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    Healthy Minerals & Wellness Protecting Water Coolers Oldham & Rochdale Deserves                  

    Waterboy have been delivering exceptional spring and exceptional water coolers Oldham & Rochdale patrons deserve for many years.

    The instant it comes down to the one thing that is of vital importance to an anatomy’s well being, don’t you as well as your staff members deserve the most nourishing, nutritious mineral water that you can provide?

    If you’re looking out for a good hire agreement on the workplace water coolers Oldham and Rochdale patrons have come to appreciate, feel free to take a look at our website and you’ll soon discover precisely why it’s worth making an enquiry and placing your cooler order with us.

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