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    When It Comes To Ormskirk & Southport Organisations, It’s All About Naturally Healthy Drinking Water, Not Simply The Office Water Coolers!      

    Clean water is so freely abundant in our daily lives, it’s easy to notice exactly why some individuals take it as a given. Yet to Waterboy Limited, drinking water is a very precious matter. And since we consume water for our health and well being, Waterboy Limited strongly believe it ought to be handled by having the maximum appreciation it is entitled to for the sake of people in Ormskirk and Southport.

    Experts have actually affirmed that the nutrients in mineral water are more easily taken in by our bodily systems compared to the way the exact same minerals can be absorbed from food stuffs. Natural mineral drinking water is so essential for our body systems because it provides important nutrients our bodies require and also provides the refreshing fluids required for very good hydration. Scientists additionally point out the importance of spring mineral water in protecting against nutritionary insufficiencies and also its essential purpose to reduce our bodily waste products down in order to ensure our body immune systems are actually the most efficient they may possibly be by doing away with toxicants coming from our body systems.

    That’s precisely why Waterboy respect the mineral water you drink with the greatest attention and care to it and the workplace water coolers that dispense it.

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    Office Water Cooler Hire & Rental In Ormskirk & Southport – Superb Mineral Water & Unmatched Cooler Hygiene!   

    Waterboy’s challenging standards guarantee that its water undergoes a really meticulous cleanliness as well as a quality assurance regimen well before it’s released for consumption by their customers.

    Waterboy natural drinking water features comprehensive certification. It is subject to 2 triple filtering processes. Once at the source and afterwards a further in house triplex filtration system activity which produces the highest possible finished water quality to 0.2 microns-absolute 0.2 “microns-absolute”. Each and every production batch of water is then tested in our lab for microbial contamination and independently by Public Health England who at that point produce reports encompassing every batch we supply to Waterboy clients.

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    Did You Appreciate That Dirty Office Water Coolers Are Undoubtedly Unhealthy!    

    Have you observed a business water cooler getting maintenance on the job? In the event that you have, it is most likely that all the dispenser receives is a quick-fix spray with disinfectant and also a swift wipe over across outside of a water cooler addressing drip boards and water taps. With all this requiring at the very most only ten mins to execute!

    Have you ever thought about how clean the interior aspects of the water cooler are in your workplace? Such items carry the mineral drinking water out from the water cooler to your tumbler or cup.

    Waterboy substitute its workplace water coolers in clients’ work places after every 3 months and each cooler that is returned is completely overhauled. The cooler is dismantled to its individual components which in turn are subjected to a “pre-cleaning” process, visually inspected and changed as required. At that point in order to properly clean and sanitise a water cooler, it takes Waterboy approximately 40 minutes or so using specifically designed methods, equipment as well as meticulous examinations.

    3 months after that and Waterboy Ltd once more change out a patron’s water cooler with an extremely clean, pristine and electrical energy-efficient replacement.

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    Economical And Healthy Water Coolers Ormskirk & Southport Clients Deserve                 

    Waterboy has been producing outstanding spring and exceptional water coolers Ormskirk and Southport customers deserve for many years.

    When it involves the main thing that is of vital importance to an anatomy’s wellbeing, don’t you and your employees deserve the really nourishing, nutritious spring water that you can give?

    If you are looking for water cooler rental for workplace water coolers Ormskirk and Southport patrons have come to value, feel free to delve into this web site and you’ll soon discover exactly why it’s well worth making an enquiry and placing your cooler business with us.

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