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    Healthy Water & The Best Hygienic Water Coolers Burnley, Colne & Nelson Organisations Can Hire

    To everybody at Waterboy Limited, water is priceless and the water coolers Burnley, Colne and Nelson clients rent must be the most hygienic possible.

    That’s because we believe that water must be treated with enormous respect given that it is so essential to our well-being and health.            

    So that is the reason why the spring drinking water and also the business water coolers you hire from Waterboy Ltd are really handled with the greatest possible attention and care!         

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    Water Cooler Hire & Rental In Burnley, Colne & Nelson  

    Our 100% natural spring water goes through 2 threefold filtration systems.

    Once at the source and then a further in line triple filter activity that delivers the highest possible final drinking water quality to 0.2 “microns absolute”.

    Every production batch of water is then analysed in our lab for microbiological contamination and separately by Public Health England .                                                  

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    Filthy Workplace Water Coolers Are Truly Not Hygienic

    Have you ever witnessed an individual servicing an office water cooler in your office environment?

    If so, it’s very probable that the dispensing equipment gets a cursory disinfectant aerosol spray and sponge down of the exterior aspects of a cooler such as water taps as well as drip trays, utilising ten minutes at the most to finish!            

    Waterboy change its workplace water coolers in customers’ workplaces after every three months and every unit returned is thoroughly reconditioned. The water cooler is dissembled to its individual parts which are then subjected to a preclean, inspected and substituted as necessary. To effectively cleanse and sanitise a water cooler, it takes Waterboy approximately forty minutes utilising uniquely devised procedures, machines and meticulous examinations.  

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    Economic & Healthy Water Coolers Burnley, Colne & Nelson Customers Deserve      

    Waterboy Ltd has been producing exceptional drinking water and outstanding water coolers Burnley, Colne & Nelson clients deserve for several decades!  

    Don’t you and your firm’s employees deserve the really refreshing, healthier mineral water from the most hygienic water coolers in the United Kingdom?

    When ever you’re considering water cooler hire options, please look all around this web site and observe the difference Waterboy brings to the humble but important business water cooler in your Burnley, Colne & Nelson organisation!

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