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It’s About Nutritious Water, Not Just Water Coolers Manchester !

Water is so freely abundant in our lives, it’s easy to see why some people take it and water coolers for granted. But to Waterboy, water and water coolers are very precious. And because we drink water for our health and well being, Waterboy believe it should be treated with the utmost respect it deserves by handling it carefully from the moment it leaves the ground till you pour out a drink from one of its water coolers.

Scientists believe that natural spring water is really beneficial to human life because the minerals it contains are more readily absorbed by our bodies when compared with the absorption of minerals from food. You see, natural spring water is full of minerals that our bodies need and drinking it is a fantastic way to get the fluid we need for good hydration and essential nutrients at the same time.

Researchers also claim that natural spring water helps prevent nutrition deficiencies and breaks waste products down to rid toxins from the body to make our immune systems more effective.

That is why Waterboy treat the water you drink and the water cooler it is dispensed from with the utmost care. It’s the reason that Manchester clients trust us.

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Unsurpassed Purity & Hygiene Standards In Office Water Coolers Manchester Rental & Hire

Waterboy’s exacting standards ensure that its water and water coolers are subjected to a very strict hygiene and quality regime before it is released for consumption by the public.

Our spring water is fully accredited. After triple filtration at source, it is subjected to an additional triple filtration process in house to deliver a finished water of 0.2 microns absolute to ensure the highest water quality and integrity.

Every single batch is sampled and then tested for microbiological contamination in our own lab and independently by Public Health England Manchester who publish a report covering every batch of water we supply with our water coolers.

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Dirty Office Water Coolers Can Be A Health Hazard!

Have you ever seen someone servicing office water coolers in your Manchester workplace? If so, it’s quite likely that dispensing equipment gets a cursory disinfectant spray and wipe down of the external parts of a cooler like taps and drip trays, taking 10 minutes at the most to complete!

And did you ever wonder about the cleanliness of the internal parts of office water coolers that come into contact with water after it leaves the machine and enters your cup?

Waterboy replace its office water coolers at clients’ premises every 3 months and every unit returned is completely overhauled. The water cooler is stripped down to its component parts which are “pre-cleaned”, visually inspected and replaced as required. Then to properly clean and sanitise its water coolers, it takes Waterboy around 40 minutes using specially designed processes, machines and scrupulous inspections.

Then after another 3 months has passed, Waterboy religiously exchange a client’s cooler with a pristine 100% hygienic, service reliable replacement – wherever it’s needed in Manchester, Lancashire or the North West.

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Nutritious Minerals & Health Protecting Water Coolers Manchester, Lancashire & The North West Deserve

Waterboy supply office water coolers Manchester clients love and also cover all major North West and Lancashire towns and cities including Manchester.

When it comes to the one thing that is so vital to your body’s life force, don’t you and your staff deserve the healthiest liquid refreshment from the most hygienic water cooler you can provide?

If you’re looking at rental options for water coolers, please take a look around this site and see the difference Waterboy brings to the humble but important office water coolers in your business!

We serve Greater Manchester, Manchester City centre and the whole North West including Lancashire.

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