About Us

Impeccable Service

Our Ethos

In 1926 My grandfather created a very successful haulage business from scratch which operated from North West England right up to the East and West of Scotland.

His byword was quality of product with quality of service and it ran through everything he did. His vehicles were always turned out immaculately, and his staff were extremely courteous and obliging.

I guess a lot of his values have rubbed off on me because his ideals have become my watchwords in business and ones I hold true to each and every day.

As Managing Director of Waterboy which also started from nothing and I guess I am pretty unique in the bottled water industry.

For your benefit, I am a stickler for great customer service, professionalism and a desire to provide my clients with a fresh wholesome product as I can possibly deliver.

Proud Attention To Detail


And being a discerning individual, I can’t help but be proud of Waterboy’s attention to detail!

We put our clients and their users’ hygiene and refreshment needs well before our company’s profitability.

Not for us a quick rub round a cooler with a damp cloth or delivering bottles at your premises from a dirty rusty vehicle!

Don’t you and your workforce deserve that tiny bit of extra TLC that can make all the difference between a healthy happy workforce and less healthy less productive one?

If you do, please take a look around this site and get a feel for the difference Waterboy can bring to the humble but oh so important water cooler in your business!

Quality Is Everything


We regard our responsibility for quality, hygiene and presentation as our highest priorities.

That’s why we treat the spring water you drink with utmost care- not like a base raw material. Water is consumed and digested by humans for their well being and should be treated with the level of respect that deserves.

The way in which we process, bottle and handle the water ensures that the quality is maintained right up to the point of consumption.

In Waterboy’s business, quality is in everything we do.

We understand the importance of maintaining extremely high standards of presentation of our coolers and water bottles.

After all, they are located in situations where customers and employees use them- public places and workspaces.

Exceptional Standards


Our standards are so high that we dispose of bottles some other companies would still use.

We refuse to compromise our consistency of presentation and ergonomics by mixing different bottle sizes, shapes and manufacturers. We never over label or use scuffed, marked or badly scratched bottles.

And this attention to detail doesn’t stop there.

Our bottles never touch the floor at any stage from the point of filling till they are placed on your cooler.

Bespoke stillage racks specially designed for our vehicles mean clean bottles stay clean and don’t roll around the vehicle floor in transit, get scuffed, dirty or punctured.

We’ve even thought about ergonomic vehicle design with the maximum rack height set at a level no taller than one person could comfortably carry at shoulder height.

Waterboy’s standards of presentation also extend to an immaculately clean delivery fleet, courteous, obliging, well presented delivery drivers in corporate uniform devoid of tattoos, clean shaven and definitely no earrings!

We’ve driven all the way to South Wales at a moment’s notice to solve a problem and would never say we “don’t do stairs” if your lift is out of order!

However many flights there are we’ll climb them all to bring you the best value, healthiest drinking water money can buy.