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Water Coolers


It takes between 30 to 40 minutes to clean a cooler properly using specially designed equipment and machinery.

So instead of a cursory spray & wipe, Waterboy religiously exchange your cooler with a pristine 100% hygienic, service reliable replacement unit every 3 months.

Each returning unit is then serviced at Waterboy HQ. Units are completely stripped down, subjected to a visual component pre-clean and inspection.

Dip tanks are then used for special cleaning processes eg iron staining and mineral scale removal, unserviceable components are replaced with new ones, the internal reservoir is pressure tested and finally all components are subjected a unique bespoke ozone power cleaning process in a patented machine which cleans all the nooks and crannies a brush can’t reach.

You Wouldn't Put Nice Meal On A Dirty Plate!

Unfit For Human Consumption!

26-per-cent-failedCooler hygiene is the most important aspect of providing a healthy product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

A survey carried out by Scotland’s Consumer Council, Consumer Focus revealed that 26% of samples taken in a survey of water coolers failed to meet the chosen microbiology standards and therefore were unfit for human consumption.

Bottled water produced for cooler use may be of the highest possible standard, but dispensing it from a dirty cooler has an extremely detrimental impact on hygiene, negating the source waters benefits.

Coolers can get really dirty inside

mildewThe heating & chilling process in a cooler precipitates minerals from the water which create a dirty scale residue on internal components and the drip tray.

If you could see the hygiene critical components inside a cooler after only 6 months in service from new, you would be horrified!

Dust, mildew, germ and bacteria laden seals, taps, baffles and reservoirs to name a few.

A quick once over is not good enough!

it comes to sanitisation, other water suppliers will visit a client’s premises and give their companies water cooler a cursory visual inspection “once over” with household disinfectant spray and cloth and possibly a change of filter taking no more than 5 minutes to complete.

“Cleaning coolers is a big hassle and as a result in a lot companies comes second fiddle to bottle filling, sales and distribution.”

One national water company make a point of drawing their customers’ attention to the fact that their delivery driver can make 20 deliveries and cooler sanitisation visits every day!  But if you stop to think about that for a moment, what does that say about their attitude to hygiene?

Therein lies the fundamental problem with the way other suppliers sterilise their coolers – manual sanitisation cannot reach those hygiene critical components.

When your cooler is cleaned using onsite techniques, how do you know filter is not blind, if there is a leak in the internal reservoir, the tap valves are properly clean inside, the compressor is working efficiently and the cooler is not using too much expensive electricity?

The answer is you don’t.

We know that coolers sanitised in this manner cannot possibly cleaned thoroughly and hygienically because they are not dissembled and can’t cleansed with the right chemicals because they are not allowed in habitable workplaces!

Cleaning coolers is a big hassle and as a result in a lot companies comes second fiddle to bottle filling, sales and distribution.

We don’t sell our customer short!

In our view this is selling the customer short and we won’t do it!

Because when you purchase water you have a right to expect that it is refreshing, that your cooler will provide efficient trouble free operation and be capable of dispensing hygienic, healthy water over and over again.

Your product, your enjoyment and your health matter to us!

That’s why we challenge the water providers who are more interested in minimising their costs rather than maximising their customer value! That’s why we adopt a completely different approach!

Don’t you deserve a guaranteed 100% hygienic cooler replacement every 3 months!

No one else but Waterboy removes your cooler from your premises every three months and replaces it with a completely fresh unit which has been completely stripped down, subjects all its individual assemblies to thorough examination and servicing.

And most importantly of all, ensures that every hygiene critical component which comes into contact with the water our clients will drink are individually subjected to a 5 stage cleansing and sanitisation procedure.

Cool water when you need it most provided with minimal energy consumption.

Do you have an inefficient cooler which is constantly switching on to dissipate heat away? Unless your service operative can check this you’ll never know!

Waterboy check and service things like cooler refrigerant and condenser operation to ensure efficient cooling and minimal consumption of electricity and also ensure that your cooler won’t freeze up in operation either. Something you don’t get from other suppliers when your machine is given a quick once over.

And you don’t have to worry about electrical safety PAT testing either because each machine is retested every time it is serviced!

Cleaning Coolers The Waterboy Way


Stage 1 – Disassembly

Upon their return to our processing plant, all our coolers are stripped down.

All components are subjected to a thorough visual inspection. Faulty items are  replaced with new ones as part of the sanitisation refurbishment  process.

Stage 2- Electrical & Coolant Checks

Electrical power, heating and refrigeration systems are cleaned and thoroughly checked for efficient operation and PAT tested as necessary.

Is Your Cooler Wasting Electricity?

Do you have an inefficient cooler which is constantly switching on to dissipate heat away? Unless your service operative can check this you’ll never know!

cabinet-rearWaterboy check and service things like cooler refrigerant and condenser operation to ensure efficient cooling and minimal consumption of electricity and also ensure that your cooler won’t freeze up in operation either. Something you don’t get from other suppliers when your machine is given a quick once over.

And you don’t have to worry about electrical safety PAT testing either because each machine is retested every time it is serviced!

Cool water when you need it most provided with minimal energy consumption.
Stage 3 – External Surface Pre-clean

Cooler casings are cleaned inside and out and 20 separate cooler components are each receive their own individual manual cleansing with a surface cleaner to remove any dried on particles that may be adhering to their surface.

Stage 4 – Removal Of Ferrous Oxide Staining, Calcium & Bicarbonate Deposits

Components are then transferred to the first of two treatment tanks.

The first treatment is utilises a secret Waterboy treatment solution to remove brown staining caused by ferrous oxide deposits in water. This staining is caused by precipitation of iron and is most prevalent in coolers which have both hot and cold water functionality.

Near boiling water has a tendency to precipitate everything out of the water.

A second tank is used to remove even minute traces of calcium or bicarbonate deposits.

Stage 5 – CNC High Pressure Dual Sterilisation Chamber Treatment

Because it is physically impossible to clean and sterilise hygiene critical cooler components manually, we decided to invest in ground breaking technology probably the only type of its kind in our industry!

Consequently our CNC sterilisation chamber is a fine example of bespoke engineering designed by rigorous empirical computer modelling to ensure that the sterilisation jet sprays reach every hygiene critical components of the cooler ie reservoir, body, taps and baffle get thoroughly washed and sanitised.

30 Jets & Ozone Treatment!


Equally rigorous prototype testing using dye trials was undertaken to ensure that water from 30 special high pressure jets (which cost $1500 apiece!) reached every nook and cranny of each single component.

The chamber has been designed to accept 9 sets of components equivalent to the quantity on a standard pallet.

The 30 sterilisation spray jets each operating at 120 psi work through a complex cleansing programme with their powerful columnular spray cleaning and sterilising every internal orifice and aperture on the top and side of the reservoir, baffle, water guard and through the taps as well. The components are then subject to a further treatment when the pressurised cabinet is filled with ozone to provide a final sterilisation procedure.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is not a chemical agent but an unstable atom of oxygen and is a very good oxidising agent. It will kill any residual contamination or living bacteria present. And because it’s not chemically based when it decomposes after use it reverts back to oxygen and water and is a very safe method of final sterilisation.

With ozone there is no question of harmful chemical residues remaining in the cooler components which could harm humans.

There is no question of chemical carry over unlike processes which use rinsing where residues can be left in the cooler which could potentially kill someone.

Stage 6 – Reassembly & Pressure Testing

The final stage of the cooler cleaning process consists of reassembly and pressure testing.

Reassembly is a straightforward process. Pressure testing is a vital procedure to ensure that the cooler units is sealed properly and any cracks or fissures undetectable by the human eye are detected before the unit goes back into service.

This ensures that our coolers will provide reliable leak free service without the inconvenience, loss of use or worse still water damage!

The unit is returned to our stock in a pristine “like new” condition.

Water Bottles
Pristine Bottles For Healthy Water

Some brands rely on contract fillers and subcontract work to 3rd parties who run to their own standards.
However, Waterboy has invested in its own special bottling plant because we weren’t satisfied with quality control available using industry norm techniques.

The bottling plant is fully automatic and incorporates cap removal, bottle pressure testing for leak detection and does not rely on any human contact in the subsequent washing, filling, capping and stillage bottle racking process.

Bottles are not touched by human hands until the delivery driver offloads it during delivery!

Leak Free Bottles & Coolers

Leaks from water bottles or the cooler itself are at best an irritant at worst an eyesore totally out of keeping with a safe, professional environment your business deserves.

Waterboy eradicate this problem by pressure testing a cooler’s internal reservoir vessel, changing worn taps, pressure testing water bottles before filling and using the most expensive bottle caps money can buy.

Fully Automated Bottling Plant

Our plant is fully automated which enables us to:

  • ensure no human intervention or potential error puts the sterilisation process at risk
  • operative health & safety is optimised with no heavy manual lifting is used in the process
  • maximise quality because we spend our time monitoring quality rather than managing the manual bottle filling procedure
Bottling The Waterboy Way
Stage 1 – Cleaning Water Treatment

We ensure that our cleaning water is 100% safe and contaminant free!

This process include:

  • triple filtering water down to 0.2 microns which is beyond what most other people do
  • ultraviolet and ozone treatments ensure that there are no contaminants or living organisms present – even a “super bug” could not survive!
Stage 2 – Bottle Inspection & Cap Removal

All bottles are subjected to an initial manual external inspection for label presentation, surface marking and scratches etc. Any bottles which fail to meet our high presentation standards are rejected.

Bottles enter the first automated process during which its cap is removed automatically. These caps are recovered and recycled back to their manufacturer. This eliminates the risk of human error and health and safety issues which can arise from their manual removal eg plastic cuts.

If the bottle cap is not successfully removed from the bottle say due to a fault, the machine rejects the bottle to stop jamming.

Stage 3 – Pressure Testing

Next stage is pressure testing at 25 psi to make sure there are no leaks in the bottle.

This cannot be done by visual inspection because the human eye cannot detect the tiniest of fissures, inclusions, holes and cracks.

And because our test is done for a longer period and at a higher pressure than most other suppliers, even infinitesimally minute cracks are detected and the bottle rejected.

This helps us monitor the quality of our bottle supplier and equally importantly safeguard our clients from the inconvenience in service arising from a leaking bottle!

Stage 4 – Pre Wash

From pressure testing, bottles move forward in the process and self load for their pre-wash cycle.

An array in wash jets clean the bottle both the inside and out at 20 psi to ensure thorough sanitisation.

Stage 5 – Main Wash

Then a 4 stage main wash cycle commences using a bespoke sterilising solution specially made in Germany for polycarbonate bottles.

All sterilising chemicals are recycled and are not emptied into the public waste water drains.

Stage 6 – Rinse Cycle

A rinse cycle at 25 psi using ultraviolet and ozone treated sanitised rinse water ensures that there is no chemical carry over.

Stage 7 – Bottling

Bottles are then filled in turn.

An automatic rack loader which ensure that no human manual handling is involved and the cap and exterior of the bottle are protected from handling damage.

Stage 8 – Bottle Cap Sanitisation & Sealing

Our attention to detail even extends to the application of an additional sterilisation process to brand new “straight of the carton” bottle caps!

Stage 9 – Bottle Stillage Filling

Much of the industry will use any old rack which is rusting away for all the world to see!

But Waterboy use a 24 bottle galvanised stillage with stainless steel retaining collars.

This combination ensures that our drivers don’t have to climb on the side of their delivery vehicle to retrieve a bottle for delivery to a client.

Delivery Logistics

Some water companies run water bottles in their fleet till they drop, often placing labels over labels, and ignoring extremely unsightly scuffed, marked or badly scratched bottles.

Our standards are so high that we scrap bottles other companies would still use.

We refuse to compromise our consistency of presentation and ergonomics buy mixing different bottle sizes with differing handle locations and shapes in our fleet.

Our bottles do not touch the floor from the point of filling till they are placed on your cooler. Bespoke stillage racks specially designed for our vehicles mean clean bottles stay clean and don’t roll around the vehicle floor in transit, get scuffed, dirty or punctured.

We’ve even thought about ergonomic design with the maximum rack height set at a level no taller than one man could carry at comfortable shoulder height level.

Waterboy’s standards of presentation also extend to an immaculately clean delivery fleet, courteous, obliging, well presented delivery drivers in corporate uniform devoid of tattoos, clean shaven and definitely no ear rings!

Delivery Logistics The Waterboy Way
Stage 1 – Bottle Storage

Even the use of the stainless steel retaining collar is an example of attention to detail.

That’s because along with our galvanised stillage it ensures the appearance of our racking is clean and presentable outside your premises and that our bottles don’t move in transit and suffer from scratching or marking.

What’s more, unlike some bottled water suppliers, all Waterboy filled bottles awaiting despatch are stored inside our premises so they are not exposed to the elements!

Stage 2 – Loading Vehicles

A 32 bottle rack used by some other suppliers brings an added health and safety risk arising from the need to climb up onto a vehicle then twist, turn and manually lowering a bottle down to ground level.

Our racking, not only makes life safer for our drivers but importantly ensures that your bottle of water receives the careful handling required to guarantee its arrival at your premises in pristine condition!

Stage 3 – Delivery

We’ve driven all the way to South Wales at a moment’s notice to solve a problem and would never say we “don’t do stairs” if your lift is out of order!

However many flights there are we’ll climb them to bring you the best value, healthiest drinking water money can buy!

And when our day is over, we clean every vehicle from “top to bottom” ready for the next day’s delivery runs.