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Natural Spring Water – Refreshing & Restoring Through The Ages!

Since mankind started walking on the planet, he has both enjoyed and celebrated the health benefits of water that comes out of the ground!

In the USA, Iroquois and Mohawk Indians came to regard bathing and drinking in the waters of the world famous Saratoga Springs as strong medicine.

And while walking one day in 1790 the French count of Laizer sought refreshment from the Fountain of Saint Catherine on the estate of one Monsieur Cachat. The count enjoyed the light, free flowing water so much he began to drink regularly from the fountain. The count who had suffered from kidney and liver pains began to notice substantial improvement in his health. Indeed such was his praise for the “miraculous” restorative powers of the water that it began to be prescribed by doctors! This water is still available today from a source called Evian!

Back in the USA, the reputed benefits of Saratoga natural spring mineral water grew and grew. “Taking the waters” as it became known was claimed to cure heartburn, cancer, hangovers, kidney and liver complaints, dyspepsia, rheumatism, diabetes and even malaria!


The Indians gave way to multi-millionaires such as the JP Morgan, the Whitney’s and the Vanderbilts. In the 1950’s world famous stars like Bing Crosby performed to packed theatres in Saratoga hotels.

Europe did not lag behind either! By the 1800’s many spa resorts were established attracting holidaymakers and patients alike. Many of these spas and their springs exist today with familiar names like Buxton, Evian, Vöslauer, Borsec, Perrier, Vittel, Spa, San Pellegrino and Chaudfontaine to name just a few!

Natural Spring Water – A Treasure Trove Of Nutritious Minerals!

Waterboy-Health-Boosting-NutrientsOn the Drink More Water page in this website, you can see that minerals are essential for our bodies growth and health. Particularly when certain the minerals we need cannot be successfully produced by the body.

Researchers believe that natural spring water is beneficial to us because its mineral content is readily absorbed by the body when compared with absorption of mineral from food.

Because natural spring water is full of minerals which our bodies need, it’s a fantastic way to get both water we need for good hydration and essential nutrients at the same time.

Some researchers even claim that natural spring water provides our bodies with the similar nutrition provided by vitamin supplements. natural spring mineral water helps prevent nutrition deficiencies and breaks waste products down, ridding toxins from the body and in making our immune systems more effective.

Natural spring water benefits the body by helping it to fight bacterial and fungal infections and act as a deoxidant in addition. Some people have found consumption of natural spring water to reduce swelling and muscle aches and reduce pain in their joints.

Spring mineral waters have been shown to provide beneficial effects on our heart, kidneys and bones. Drinking water with a certain blend of nutrients is helpful for people who suffer from kidney stones, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

It can provide essential minerals for people who are intolerant of dairy products and it provide them to everyone without calories!

The mineral elements which are commonly found in natural spring mineral water include those which are missing in public water supplies like:


Facilitates the distribution of oxygen around the body and is especially helpful for the people with blood anaemia.


Sodium helps cover out cells with water and plays a vital role in maintaining the water balance in our bodies.

Silica and sulphates

These minerals are natural cleansing agents which help strengthen bones and teeth.

Chloride and bicarbonates

Help to regulate acid in our stomachs and intestines and aiding digestion.


Helps relax or bodies and control blood pressure. It’s one of nature’s best stress reducers concentrating mainly concentrates in bones and muscles to strengthen our immune systems.

Tap Water Is Fine But Mineral Water Is Much Better!

tap-or-mineralThe water from your tap is perfectly safe and good to drink in normal circumstances.

But unfortunately, the water we get from our tap has no minerals in it.

Some tap water, may contain chlorine and fluoride, which is a concern for some people.

And other people don’t like taste of tap water and choose mineral spring water for its nice flavour.

Natural spring water is also safer than tap water because it is less prone to microbial contamination risks, which can cause intestinal infections.

It helps your body maintain peak performance by replenishing vital nutrients you lose through stress, skin evaporation and sweat.

It’s the one small thing that can have a great impact on your body and help you lead a healthier life.

Whether you just like the taste or the additional health properties it possesses, natural spring mineral water gives us the best of both worlds – the water we need to stay hydrated and nourishing minerals!

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