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    The Water Coolers Bolton, Wigan & Leigh Businesses Rely On!     

    To every person at Waterboy Ltd, drinking water is cherished! So, we ensure that provide water coolers Bolton, Wigan and Leigh can rely on consistently

    Waterboy believe that water needs to be treated with huge appreciation since it is so vital to our health and well being.

    That’s precisely why Waterboy Limited handle the mineral drinking water you consume with the utmost care and attention to it and the office water coolers that dispense it.

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    Superb Mineral Water, Water Cooler Rental and Hire For Bolton, Wigan & Leigh

    Just after triple filtering at the point of origin, our water is subjected to an additional threefold filtration process within normal processing to generate a finished water of 0.2 microns absolute in order to ensure the best water quality and purity.

    Every single process batch is sampled and then screened for microbial contaminants inside the Waterboy laboratory and also separately by Public Health UK who issue a file which covers each batch of water we produce.

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    Do You Realise That Unclean Business Water Coolers Are Usually Unhealthy?

    Have you witnessed a water bottle cooler getting maintained at the office? If so, it’s likely that all the cooler gets is a cursory sprinkle with an anti-bacterial solution and a quick rub over across exterior of a water cooler covering drip boards and also water taps.

    At Waterboy Limited, we provide all of our customers with an exchange workplace water cooler every three months!

    Whenever a cooler is returned from Bolt, Wigan or Leigh to our facility, it gets a complete overhaul. The cooler is disassembled and its inside individual parts are subject to a pre-cleaning process and optical examination after which damaged parts are switched.

    Then, Waterboy Ltd subject each and every cooler to its own unequalled cleansing and cooler sanitisation process using specifically designed techniques, machines as well as extremely detailed inspections.

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    Nutritious Minerals Plus Extremely Hygienic Water Coolers Wigan, Bolton & Leigh Deserve!                   

    Waterboy Ltd has been producing excellent water and outstanding water coolers Bolton, Wigan and Leigh clients deserve for many years.

    When it comes to the main thing that is vital to an anatomy’s lifeforce, don’t you and your staff deserve the most nourishing, nutritious mineral drinking water that you can give?

    While you are checking out water cooler hire options, feel free to have a look around this web-site and observe the distinction Waterboy Limited brings to the humble but essential business water cooler in your Bolton, Wigan and Leigh establishment.

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