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    When It Comes To Runcorn & Widnes Organisations, It Is All About Wholesome Drinking Water, And Not Just The Office Water Coolers!           

    Water is so openly abundant in our lives, it’s easy to notice exactly why some people could take it for granted. But to Waterboy Limited, water is a very precious issue especially when it comes to the needs of people in Runcorn and Widnes!. Moreover because we consume water for the sake of our health, Waterboy Limited strongly believe it should be treated by having the utmost appreciation it is entitled to.

    Experts believe that all-natural spring water really is important for people since the minerals contained in it are more widely taken in by our bodies when compared with the ingestion of minerals from meals. That is because, natural spring water is full of nutrients which our bodily systems require and drinking it is a terrific method to obtain the fluid people need to have for ideal hydration as well as necessary nutrients. Chemists also assert that natural spring water really helps prevent health and nutrition insufficiencies and also reduces unwanted waste down to expel toxic substances from the human body to make our immune systems much more reliable.

    That’s the reason why Waterboy Ltd care for the mineral drinking water you drink by employing the greatest care to it and also the office water coolers that it’s dispensed from.

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    Unsurpassed Mineral Drinking Water And Hygiene Standards In Office Water Cooler Hire & Rental For Runcorn & Widnes!                     

    Did you know that it’s the rigorous sanitation and quality standards that Waterboy Limited adhere to, which sees to it that its water is completely scrutinised just before delivery and client’s consumption.

    Our spring water has been completely authorized. After triplex filtering at the point of origin, it is subjected to an added triplex filtering procedure in its processing in order to create a final spring water of 0.2 microns-absolute 0.2 “microns-absolute” in order to provide the highest possible water quality and integrity. Each and every production batch is routinely sampled then afterwards assessed for microbial contaminants in the Waterboy laboratory and also separately by Public Health UK who then issue a record which covers every batch of water we supply.

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    Do You Realise That Dirty Workplace Water Coolers Are Usually Unhealthy!             

    And, have you witnessed a business water cooler being maintenance at the office? Assuming that you have, it’s likely that all the cooler gets is a cursory sprinkle with an anti-bacterial solution as well as a simple wipe over across outside of a water cooler addressing splash boards and water taps. And all this taking at the very most only ten minutes to undertake.

    Have anyone ever wonder about the hygiene of the internal parts of an office water cooler that are in contact with contact with spring water once it leaves the machine and goes into your tumbler! Here at Waterboy Limited, we give all of our patrons with a replacement workplace water cooler at 3 monthly intervals! When a returning cooler gets back to our company, it receives a total overhaul.